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Unlimited Premium Life
Insurance Leads

Receive text alerts when customers seek Life insurance quotes in your licensed states. This is a first-of-its-kind mobile application for agents serious about selling life insurance policies. It's cost-effective and easy to get started with no money down!

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Easy to start. Easy to use. No money upfront.

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Incoming Leads

If you're struggling with the high cost of Premium Life Insurance leads and need a consistent marketing strategy, Linqrs Pro is the perfect solution!

Linqrs Pro is a mobile application specially developed for licensed insurance agents. The app provides a range of life insurance leads, including Term, IULs, and Whole Life policies that customers are usually interested in. With Linqrs Pro, you can respond to as many leads as you wish in all licensed states for a low monthly price.

What is Linqrs Pro?

Subscribe to Linqrs Pro on your smartphone for a fixed monthly fee of $99.99 or an annual fee of $779.99 with no extra costs or contracts. Five-day FREE TRIAL

How much does Linqrs
Pro cost?

Download at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. The registration process through the app is fast, easy, and instant. The NPN must be entered to view and respond to customer contact information.

Where can I get it?

Linqrs Pro is a flexible subscription service that allows you to start or stop your account anytime without any cancellation fees or commitments. You can easily cancel your account within the app in just two clicks.

How do I cancel?

The application generates new leads every day, so you'll never run out of opportunities. Respond to leads anywhere, anytime, as they arrive in chronological order. Linqrs Pro works hard to attract and capture the information of customers looking for life insurance quotes. 

How often can I expect to receive leads?  

Purchasing leads is expensive; usually, a hundred dollars does not provide enough leads to last the entire month. With Linqrs Pro, a hundred dollars covers the cost of multiple opportunities every day throughout the month. 
If you are busy and unable to take on a lead, don't worry. Wait for the next one. If you are available, quickly respond to be one of the two agents. 

What is Linqrs Pro true value?

How does it work?

Data Collection

Customers respond to our online marketing efforts and submit applications


We verify the phone number and IP address.


We alert all subscribing agents that are licensed in the customer's state that a lead is coming.

Make your Money

First two available agents that accept the lead have a chance to win the business. 
Plenty to go around.

What it means for your business

You will finally have a consistent and predictable source of new leads flowing into your business. If you are willing to follow up with the leads, this means more deals and predictable income! If you are at a point in your business where you need leads to call, this is a perfect fit!
🔥 Start getting leads as soon as tomorrow!

Similing Team

Join us today risk free

No money to start and a nice 5 - day Free Trial

At best, enjoy some free new customers

Similing Team

Join us today risk free

No money to start and a nice

5 - day free trial

Linqrs Pro

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