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Premium Life Insurance Leads 

for One Flat Monthly Rate

Stop Losing Money On Leads

That Don't Convert!


A Subscription Lead Provider with Premium Leads

  • Are you tired of wasting money on low-quality leads?

  • Is your marketing budget stretched thin with little to show for it?

  • Are you ready for a smarter, more profitable approach?


A subscription-branded company can lower lead costs on premium leads, contributing to healthier profit margins and the best of both worlds. If the acquisition of leads is affordable, professionals can invest more in lead generation efforts and expand their customer base.


Linqrs Pro helps professionals secure high-quality leads at a reasonable cost and outperform competitors with higher lead expenses.


Its time to stop losing money on leads that do not convert.

Scaling Agencies

Recruiting and retaining good insurance producers is vital to expansion. Producers must be confident that they will consistently find new customers. However, purchasing leads individually can quickly add up in terms of costs.


Linqrs Pro supplements your lead strategy for your producers and increases their retention.


The subscription-based lead provider offers a more cost-effective solution by providing steady leads at a fixed monthly fee. This predictable expense allows you to manage your budget and allocate resources more efficiently.

"This is great. For the price, you can't beat it. Whenever a producer joins my agency, I set them up with a Linqrs Pro account, and they're off and running. They make money, we make money, and it's easy and consistent. ..good leads too. Shocking!" 

Randy Livingston - Insurance Broker

Importance of Pricing

Lead pricing is crucial in a professional's ability to acquire customers, maintain profitability, and grow their business. Linqrs Pro makes it easier for professionals to manage lead cost budgets, minimize financial risk, lower CAC, and increase their return on investment to aid in the likelihood of growing a successful agency.

When they do not convert into customers.


Other Lead Providers: They make much money on leads you do not close. 

Subscription lead provider: You pay one price monthly regardless of success or failure rate.


Inconsistent Lead Quality.

Other Lead Providers: They will knowingly sell you cheap aged leads to make their end-of-quarter goals.

Subscription Lead Provider: We gain nothing by purposely selling you low-quality. In fact, we lose money.


Low conversion rates.

Other Lead Providers: Too many non-converting leads can devastate your profit margins. 

Subscription Lead Provider: Every sale produces an instant profit.


They are sold to multiple professionals simultaneously.

Other Lead Providers: They tell you it's only three agents, but really, it is more like ten. 


Subscription Lead Provider: The lead is no longer available after two agents—complete transparency.


Customer Acquisition Cost.

Other Lead Providers: Each lead you buy automatically increases the overall CAC for professionals.


Subscription Lead Provider: The more leads you close, the lower the CAC gets, which starts at the monthly rate.


Return on Investment (ROI).

Other Lead ProvidersIf the cost per lead is too high or leads do not convert, it takes longer to achieve a positive ROI.


Subscription Lead Provider: One sale creates and instant t profit.


Six Ways Agents Lose Money  Buying Leads and The Solution.

We have developed hundreds of websites, affiliate partnerships, and incentive marketing strategies to entice customers to submit online applications for insurance quotes. 


Subsequently, that data streams into the Linqrs Pro app for you to pursue immediately.


When we get it, we notify you. Then, we let you work your magic.


We only allow two agents per lead before it's no longer accessible.

How does it work?

Subscription is the way to go

Nowadays, subscription plans are the way to go. It's easier. It's consistent with no tricks or surprises, and you save money. Knowing exactly how much you spend each month is vital to growth and budgeting. 


These are the benefits you experience with the Linqrs Pro subscription plan. Plus, you no longer have to cope with the annoyance of individually purchasing leads that do not convert or respond but are still charged.

Linqrs Pro

Trusted by agents representing

We believe that trust is paramount in a relationship. We do not own or sell your data and most certainly do not bank on advertising-based business models. We only make money from the subscription fees you pay us or direct purchases.

Your privacy is our responsibility.

Ready to scale your agency

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