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Affordable. Easier. Better

Linqrs Pro is a must-have addition to your marketing efforts

Limited Time Offer


Do more of this with Linqrs Pro.

Your loved ones are counting on you.



Working Alone at Desk


When you sign up with Linqrs Pro, you can expect to service at least 20 life leads monthly. That is a $200-$400 value for $49.99 monthly. 

Great value product for agencies looking to expand by hiring more producers.

Lower cost with one trusted platform.

With automation, leads come continuously without any financial pressure to respond. 

Increase productivity with automation.

Focus 100% of your energy on selling and winning clients opposed to lead cost and refunds.  

Drive efficient growth by removing cost from the equation

Great value product for new agents who might not have the reidual earnings they desire. Linqrs Pro presents an amazing opportunity to grow and become successful regardless.

Kick-starting carreers

Purchase Leads Instead

Purchased leads are available for all states.

1. **Owned and Operated Site:** We own and operate a network of websites that serve as one of our primary sources of insurance leads. These websites are designed to attract individuals actively seeking insurance-related information and services.

2. **Trusted Partners:** Besides our owned and operated sites, we collaborate with a select group of trusted partners who supply us with insurance leads. These partnerships are based on mutual trust and a shared commitment to quality.

3. **Lead Aggregation:** Our platform is a centralized hub aggregating leads from various sources. This approach ensures a diverse and robust pool of leads, increasing your chances of finding the right prospects.

4. **Internal Validation:** We subject each lead to a rigorous internal validation process, scrutinizing ten different data points. This validation includes checks for a valid IP address and the time spent on our websites. This step is crucial in eliminating low-quality or fraudulent leads.

5. **Trusted Form:** To further enhance the quality and compliance of our leads, we use Trusted Form. This tool allows us to verify and retain consent certification for every lead we sell. It ensures that the leads we provide have spent significant time on our sites providing information and completing our forms.

By integrating these steps into our lead generation process, we aim to deliver insurance leads of the highest caliber. Our commitment to quality, compliance, and your success is unwavering, and we continuously refine our processes to stay at the forefront of the industry.

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