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A unique and powerful mobile app that makes it easier to scale your agency. Designed for agencies of all sizes and built by Founders who were once in your shoes.

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Self Registration. Have your NPN handy.

We deliver, you expand. That's our agreement. 



Free Trial Included

When the residual earnings are not quite there yet, use Linqrs Pro to kick-start your agency and bring consistency to your sales with less financial pressure.

New Agents, Producers, Brokers

Use Linqrs Pro as an additional tool to add to your ongoing marketing channels. It is not meant to be a replacement but an addition that helps you write more policies monthly for a small cost.

Experienced Agents

Agencies looking to scale

Use Linqrs Pro to provide sales consistency for newly hired producers for less cost. Each day, your producers will talk to customers seeking life insurance. It is an easy setup process followed by thousands of dollars in savings. You can also see their response history to ensure they are not wasting your hard-earned money. 

Time Stamped Delivery

Incoming Lead Alerts For All Licensed States

Lead Response History

Limited Distrubution(2)


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