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Automate Your Lead Flow at an Affordable Fixed Rate.

Innovative-Easy to use Mobile App

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Engineered to operate autonomously, the Linqrs Pro app promotes efficiency and cost-effective concepts to drive new customers to your agency. 


By utilizing numerous filtering options, agents can customize which states they want to receive Life/Auto insurance leads to achieve optimal results. 

We offer a FREE TRIAL with no minimum purchase requirement. After the FREE TRIAL, pay the first month and become a life-long customer. You can respond to as many leads as possible to meet your business needs—Only two agents per lead so act fast when they arrive!


The app is available in the Google Play and Apple Store for download.


After downloading, you will be prompted to self-register—no need to call us. Please have your NPN handy. When you open the Linqrs Pro app, your license status is checked. If inactive, leads will not be viewable.

Apple Store

Google Play

Seamless User Experience

We've developed an app that consistently delivers high-quality vetted leads to share with our subscribing agents to make their business life easier. —

I know you wish we would share our leads with only one agent, but we do not believe that would be fair to our consumers. Therefore, each lead is shared with two agents, and our transparent technology holds us accountable.


All leads are real-time web-based generated using various marketing strategies to attract high-intent, engaging customers looking for insurance.  When an application is submitted, it goes through a verification process before being released to the Linqrs Pro app. We then notify you immediately. 


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